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Deer Park Oil Tools Pty Ltd is totally committed to the health and safety of its employees.  We pride ourselves on quality of workmanship and providing the highest level of service to our customers.  We understand that these goals are best achieved by respecting our fellow employees and working as a team.

It is a requirement for all employees of Deer Park Oil Tools to work in a safe manner and, in particular, to comply with the requirements of the Company’s policies and procedures at all times.  Conversely, the Company does not expect any employee to take risks or work under any hazardous conditions.

We encourage all our employees to participate actively in the maintenance and improvement of a safe working environment.  The Machine Shop Manager or Foreman at each facility conducts a daily toolbox meeting and a monthly safety meeting at which all such issues may be freely discussed.  In this way, and by active Management support, continuous improvement is achieved.  Our motto is "No task is so urgent that a way cannot be found to perform it safely".

Curent Safety Statistics:

Deer Park Oil Tools Sale Facility:

Date of update: 22/08/2018
Days since business commenced: 6,029
Days since last lost time injury*: 6,029
Days since last medical treatment: 4,816
Previous record for days without lost time injury: 6,029
(* This facility has never recorded a lost time injury.)