Deer Park Oil Tools  

Business Statement


Deer Park Oil Tools Pty Ltd is a member of the Deer Park Group of Companies and commenced operations in February 2002 when the machine shop businesses previously owned by Baker Oil Tools (Australia) in Canning Vale, Western Australia and Sale, Victoria were acquired as a going concern.

Both Deer Park Oil Tools machine shops operate from freehold premises. The machine shop in Canning Vale moved to a new, purpose built factory in March 2004 having previously operated from a leased portion of Baker Oil Tools’ facility.



Deer Park Oil Tools Pty Ltd will be the preferred provider of premium threading and other machining services to the Australian oil and gas exploration industries.  We will be acknowledged for our emphasis on product quality and customer service, which will set the industry standard.  We will provide a safe, dynamic and challenging work environment for our employees.  We will operate profitably and focus strongly on reinvesting in our plant, facilities and our employees.



Deer Park Oil Tools Pty Ltd is committed to:

  • Maintaining and developing our relationship with our customers by meeting their needs and expectations at all times
  • The personal and professional development of our employees
  • Conducting our business in an honest, loyal and lawful way
  • The pursuit of excellence
  • Financial growth and profitably
  • Reinvestment in our plant and facilities